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About Us

As partners in enterprise excellence, we help organisations succeed with technololgy. Covering the full spectrum of IT, our flexible, holistic approach ensures any service delivered by Vision Fish will be relevent to your business.

Vision Fish combines deep technical knowledge with razor sharp digital business understanding to help companies deliver tangible, measurable value through technology.

We have created acceleration tools to help understand, build then execute a technology strategy with minimal fuss, letting you get on with implementing the next disruptive change.

Our unique differentiator is the ability to join the overall business strategy to the technology strategy right through to delivering and measuring individual components/capabilities that support achieving your business outcomes.

Let us use our unique tools, techniques and talent, to help you deliver digital age concepts and navigate the ever changing technology world at lightening speed.

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Vision Fish

Our Approach

Our approach is to help your organisation succeed with technology by developing your visions, the roadmaps to deliver those visions, and delivering those visions in a sustainable way. We make best use of your organisations exsting people and technology while highlighting and helping fill any gaps



We help you deliver a fit for purpose IT strategy that aligns to your organisational goals, is clear and concise and demonstrates how IT delivers tangible business outcomes.



With experience of building and running architecture functions for all sizes of organisation, our approach to architecture is about maximum measurable value and implementation of an architecture model that is right sized to your business.



Setting up bullet proof operations for new or experimental capabilities can reduce your speed of delivery.

Using our expertise and operations teams, we can help you build the operational agility needed



With deep experience in delivering projects and programmes of all sizes from simple products to highly complex, multi-year transformations and everything in between, our tried and tested methods can help set your organisation up for repeated success and help you succeed over and over again.

Vision Fish

Our Expertise

As a compliment to our approach, we provide deep expertise in several technical areas that we see as foundational to successful enterprise IT. Each area we have specialised IP that will get you started quickly and build towards sustainable models for managing these technologies both today and into the future.

Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are revolutionising the way enterprises operate. From mobile apps and internet of things to alexa and augmented reality, Vision Fish understand these technologies and how they could apply to your organistion.


Core applications are the bedrock IT of most enterprises, we specialise in helping you select the correct applications for your organisation's future and help you succesfully manage implementing these choices


Often seen as background "plumbing" integration is THE foundation for agile businesses, a solid integration strategy can dramatically increase your organisations abiltiy to change quickly and reliably. Let Vision Fish help you get connected

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics are fast becoming the norm. The ability to make decisions and effect outcomes on a moment by moment basis can dramatically effect your organisations effectivity. Vision Fish have experts in this field that can help your organisation take full advantage of this data revolution

Vision Fish

Our Services and Offerings

In order to expedite our engagement and help you organisation as quickly as possible we have a unique, tried and tested range of “tools and techniques” that are a distillation of the best and most useful components of every toolset we have come across which we combine to your specific needs. Here are a few examples of these.


We offer a range of proven quickstart packages that can get your organisation started, in any combination of our approaches or areas of expertise.

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Not sure about a given area of your enterprise? Using our team of experts and range of tools we can deep dive into any of our specialist areas and deliver a clear view of your organisation.

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As specialists in transformative and sustainable innovation we can help you turn your company into an innovation powerhouse with a focus on sustainable and continuous innovation

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As experts in technology from strategy to support we can help pull your organisation and programs back on course

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Want to be able to react to events as they happen rather than after they happen? Reflex is our approach to data analytics and real time decisioning that can revolutionise the way your operations react to live events

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rAPId Framework

API programmes to not need to be expensive or take a long time to get going. Our rAPId approach to creating a digital nervous system can get you running in weeks

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